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When is the best time to sell your home? | The Desert Duo, Century 21 1st American

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

When we meet with people getting ready to sell their home, this question comes up a lot! So, when is the best time to sell your home? The answer can vary from each person, depending on the situation. Of course, there are better times of the year statistically to sell your home. However, if you’re not ready, listing it too soon could have big consequences. Here are a few of the common questions we get from sellers about when to list their home.

1. Does the day of the week matter? This is a tough question to answer. It really depends on the type of home you are selling but yes, it could make a difference. We know statistically homes sell faster when they are listed on a Thursday rather than a Monday. Listing right before the weekend gives a higher probability that buyers will schedule their showings in the first few days you are on the market, which are the most crucial.

2. Does the time of year matter? Again, this depends on the individual situation. In my experience, there will always be buyers looking for homes, no matter what time of year it is. Statistically in Tucson, the market is busy in the Spring/Summer but November/December can also have a surge. People are in the market to buy homes for various reasons and sometimes they don’t have control over when. The best answer is to list your home when it is ready to go on market. If your home is ready in November but you want to wait until the holidays are over, you could miss out on buyers that are looking during that time.

3. Should you wait to finish repairs? The first week your home is on the market is very important. You want to make a great first impression and get the word out to everyone! There is value in waiting until certain home repairs are completed. In order to sell your home quickly, you need to have a wow factor. If your home repairs will give that to potential buyers, then it could be worth the wait. You want to be careful though, that you don’t go over board and put too much money into the home before you sell it. Your realtor should be able to help assist with which repairs can give you the most return on investment.

I hope these answers will help you in determining when you’re ready to sell your home. If you have any other questions about listing your home, please feel free to contact us!

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