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Common Home Repair Requests

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

When you sell your home, there is a lot of negotiating that goes on upfront. Sales price, closing date, closing costs, but you also have to remember that even if you come to an agreement on those initial items, the buyer still has an opportunity to ask for repairs. Sometimes it is good to be pro-active and do some of the more common items before you put your home on the market. Here are some common home repair request you will get as a seller.

1. Roof- We see this item on almost every repair request. If your roof needs to be repaired, the buyer will most likely ask for it! This is an item that could be beneficial to fix before your home goes on the market. There are some companies who will provide a free roof inspection so you can see what needs to be done.

2. Termites- Termites are also a very common repair request. In Arizona, it's not if you have termites, but when you have termites. Almost every home has, had or will have them at some point. Sellers, before you list your home, it could be beneficial to do a termite inspection and treat if necessary. The best case scenario is you don't have them. The worst case is you do have them, you treat before you list your home, and then you have a warranty to provide to the buyer. Every home is different so your realtor can help you make that decision.

3. GFCI- Now this one can be an easy fix but since it is a safety concern, it will be called out in the buyers inspection. GFCI is a device that quickly breaks electrical circuit to prevent electric shock. In older homes, this may not be present, but in newer homes, it is a safety standard. Most of the time it's a quick fix and inexpensive, so why not do it before you list your home.

4. High Loop- Unless you have recently had a licensed professional install your dishwasher, chances are you do not have a high loop installed correctly. A high loop is required to prevent back flow into the dishwasher when it's running. This is a very quick fix that almost any handyman can do, but it will get called out in the buyers inspection as a safety concern and it is possible they will ask for it to be corrected.

5. Anti-Siphon Device- An anti-siphon device is used on hose bibs s to prevent water from going back into the pipes. I think I have only seen one home, during a buyers inspection, that actually had this. They cost under $10 and just screw onto the hose bib.

These are just a few of the more common items buyers will ask for from the seller. Talk to your real estate professional to see if it would be beneficial for you to do some of these items before you list your home.

Sadyna Reino, The Desert Duo

Century 21 1st American


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