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The Catch You Shouldn't Fall For

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

As the market heats up, companies start popping up offering different products to serve the real estate community. New build sites start showing up in neighborhoods left and right. It makes sense; people always need to buy and sell homes, no matter the market. A lot of companies dive in to make as much money off consumers as possible during strong markets. And that is where you need to be careful to make sure that you are still choosing to have representation.

There is always going to be an option for people that puts ease above everything else, whether it is selling your home to an online instant offer site or selecting a quick-move new build. For some of our clients, these options are truly the right fit; our ONLY goal is to help you find the right fit. What many people don't know is that you do not need to sacrifice everything for ease. You still need your own representation.

Take for example, selling your house to an online buyer. They will offer to represent you, but what you are really getting is a representative from a company who only profits if they can make money re-selling your house for more money than they bought it for. No matter if you have representation or not, you will get less money because of this; that is what you are exchanging for ease. However, by having representation, we can help make the impact slightly less. Many sites will tell you that you don't need an agent to represent you, but do you really want the company that is in it for themselves being your guide?

What these companies don't tell you is that you can have an agent and it will not change what they are offering you. If you hire us as agents, we can lay all of your options out for you including what online instant offer sites will offer you and what we can get you in a regular home sale. Then if you still decide to go the instant offer route, we will represent you and sell your house to the instant offer site. You still get someone looking out for your best interest & you don't let someone with a vested interest in their own profits guide you in one of the most important financial decisions of your life.

New builds are similiar. The sales agent at the site works for the builder. They can represent you, but at the end of the day, they are the builder's agent. You will often hear that they have special deals that you can only get when you work with them; they may have deals that they only offer to the public if you work with them, but we can get you that same deal or a better one negotiating on your behalf. We will also make sure that you know how to go through the new build process and be as protected as possible. Our only goal is to make sure that you are protected in your home purchase; we don't care if the builder gets a sale or not.

Be sure to do your research. We are there to make you the most money and help you have a successful sale. When you are dealing with a purchase this large, make sure that you have someone in your court who is knowledgable, well-trained, and focused only on you.

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