July Home Maintenance Tips!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

The Desert Duo has teamed up with Alex Byron of Desert Diamond Home Inspections, to bring you this month's home maintenance tips! Regular home maintenace is an important part of home ownership. When you catch problems early, you prevent them from turning in to costly repairs. This July, take a few minutes to go through this checklist and make sure everything is in tip-top shape!

Window and door maintenance

Keeping your windows and doors sealed and in good condition is important for several reasons:

* Prevent conditioned air from escaping your home. * Keep hot or cold outside air where it belongs: outside. * Block rain water from the outside getting into your home. * Prohibit pests from sneaking into your home.


Even if your windows are in good condition, rain can still get into the house through any gaps between the window frame and the wall. Check every window from the outside for any gaps and seal them.

If applicable (depending on the window type), check the drain holes at the bottom exterior of the frame. They allow rain water in the window track to harmlessly drain to the outside instead of overflowing to the inside. Make sure they are not blocked.

Check every window from the inside to ensure they close tightly all the way around and latch. Debris in the track, malfunctioning hardware, curtains caught in the frame, or damaged/bent frames all can prevent windows from closing correctly.

If you have older single-pane windows, check the glazing that holds the glass in place. This glazing deteriorates over time and will eventually crumble and fall off. Service any damaged or missing glazing as needed.


From the inside, check all exterior doors for gaps or daylight coming through. Replace or add weather stripping where needed to ensure all doors seal tightly.

Also, check each exterior door, door frame, and trim at the outside. These areas are notorious for deterioration due to moisture, especially at garage side doors. Keep all parts of the doors painted to protect them from moisture. Replace any moisture damaged parts to prevent further deterioration and termite invasion.

Check the threshold at the bottom of the door to make sure it is tight and sealed. 

Garage doors

Garage doors have weather stripping installed at the outside and at the bottom to ensure they are sealed tightly when closed. Damaged weather stripping will allow moisture or critters to enter your garage. Check the weather stripping around the garage door and replace any damaged or missing pieces.

Proactive annual maintenance

Put an annual reminder on your calendar for April or May to inspect the windows and doors of your home and perform any necessary repairs.

Home maintenance tips courtesy of Desert Diamond Home Inspections. For the full-length version of these tips and more important home maintenance recommendations, visit https://desertdiamondhomeinspections.com/home-inspectors-blog/

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